Moving right along!

Hi all,

The last few weeks I’ve been working hard on the official proposal for this dissertation research. Just yesterday I defended it with an 40-minute ┬ápublic seminar, in front of a committee comprised of faculty from the U of Oregon and Oregon State University. After meeting the requirements set by the department of Biology, I’m officially a PhD candidate for the U of Oregon Environmental Science, Studies and Policy (ESSP) program!

This means we have the green light to move forward with this research! For those people planting seeds this year as part of the community research network, I will send you detailed information about what samples I need so we can make sense of the data. The big question now is: how many seeds from each grower do we need, to make sure we have a clear picture of the microbes they have in their seeds? 5 seeds? 10 seeds? 20 seeds? It all depends on the variation from seed-to-seed, which I am working to find out. Hopefully you have about 20 seeds to spare this spring, and then 20 more in the fall.

In one week, I’ll be meeting about the research plan for the next few months. So keep posted for a clearer picture of what’s ahead!

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