It’s corn planting season!

It’s corn planting season the the Pacific Northwest! We’ve had a mild spring, so the Cascade Ruby-Gold got an early start in my garden. Here it is about 10 days old. I’m trying a no-till leaf mulch method.  I did a heavy leaf mulch over an unruly patch of grass during the winter, so the corn can now feed off of the nutrients of the rotting grass. I planted the seeds with some composted horse manure to give them a lively start. We’ll see how it goes!

I saved some of the batch of seed I planted so I will be able to do a before/after comparison of the microbial communities. I imagine this unconventional method will yield some interesting changes in the microbiome of the course of a growing season.

It’s not too late to register to participate in the research project this year! Register today, and you get your seeds analyzed to determine their microbial communities.



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  1. aruncus2 says:

    I could use a mailer to send in my pre plant seed. It is from last years crop which is from seed I saved adaptive seed two years ago. I can mail it to you myself, but not sure the best way to send 20 seeds. Also, planting some seed from this years Adaptive Seeds, in seperate plots. thank you, Kevin Kane

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