Data Visualization

This page is designed to showcase explorations into the interface of data and art – with the aim at producing something that gives meaning to complex datasets.

Co-occurence network

A network is composed of nodes and their connections (also called edges). Each node is a bacterial species living in corn seed. The size of the node is related to the amount of samples it was found in. Species are connected when they occur together in the same sample. The thickness of the connections is weighted by the number of times the species co-occur. Importantly, the color of the link is related to their probability of being found in the same sample. If they co-occur more often than expected by chance, they are colored blue – if less often, they are colored red. Using this simple metric, we can start to get at which microbes might be collaborators, and which might be competitors.circle_clarified

Data is from the work of Johnston-Monje and Manish Raizada (2011). PloS One. 6(6). e20396 – available free to anybody, thanks to Open Access Publishing policy of PLoS one. I used Cytoscape software to create and visualize the data as a network.


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