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This constantly updated gallery is related to ecological agriculture, local food, gardening, and cooking.


Gallery of Fusarium, a seedborne fungal endophyte of maize.

Here are some pictures that I have taken during my cultivation and experimentation with seed-associated Fusarium, a mold-like fungus that is nearly ubiquitous in maize. Although certain strains can be pathogenic to the plant, devastating to a crop, and poisonous in our food supply, it is a beautiful fungus.


Gallery of Heirloom Corn Varieties

To illustrate the sheer diversity and beauty of corn, here is a gallery of pictures I have taken of corn varieties being grown in the Willamette Valley. Please feel free to send in your own pictures!

Gallery of beans and corn small garden plot

In spring 2014, I started a small, 20×4 ft. demonstration plot of Cascade Ruby-Gold corn plants, intercropped with a Diecimino pole dry beans (two of the three iconic Sisters: corn, beans and squash). I wanted to experiment with no-till practices, by heavy leaf-mulching over grass and adding some composted manure. Corn plant size was strongly determined by seedling vigor, which was much higher on the warmer, southern side of the bed. I planted the corn a week ahead of the beans, which caught up and vigorously overtook the corn, causing some parts to lodge. Next season, I’ll plant small circles of corn, with beans in the middle, to make for more stable trellising than rows. From this small plot, I yielded 100 corn tortillas and 5 heaping pots of beans.

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