Organicology poster

This poster was presented at the Organicology conference, Feb. 4th-7th 2013


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  1. Rick Davis says:

    How do I become a member of Community Research Network?

  2. Rick Davis says:

    I am growing “Bloody Butcher” corn. What is the sampling protocol?

    • Lucas Nebert says:

      Hi Rick,

      That’s exciting! I just grew some this year and have been making delcious tortillas out of it. I would like a ‘representative’ sample, which means ideally you would shell the corn, pool all of the seeds and take a random sample from that pool of at least 20 seeds. I’m also interested in a before/after sampling, so if you have leftovers from the spring you could send those to me as well and we can compare that to the harvest.

      Please, if you have more questions I’m much more reachable at

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