The Pathogen Challenge Experiment

Hi all! I’ve been busy sculpting experiment ideas in between lab work. Here is the latest one, where I will “challenge” corn plants and their microbial associates by planting them in the mycological equivalent of a pit of venemous snakes: a soil that is teeming with Fusarium pathogens! This pathogen-infested field has a history of being used for this purpose, and I will be testing the ability of the corn plants and their microbes to keep Fusarium from going rogue and sinking the ship (a.k.a. killing the plant). For the details and updates, check out the dedicated page: Pathogen Challenge Experiment



This is the beginning to a new blog that is designed to share my research on seed-borne microbes as it is unfolding. I think that the best science and problem-solving happens with open communication and conversation. I hope to illuminate the research process to those that are curious, and provide a space for people to add their input as this research progresses. For now, I’m sharing my proposed research, and will provide preliminary results as they become available.

Check out my Overview section for a general synopsis of my research, and Experiments section for more information on how I seek to understand the nature of microbial inheritance in plants.

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